What are the problems of steel structure materials?


1. Waterproof materials selected for roofing engineering should meet the following requirements. The drawings should indicate the varieties, models and specifications of waterproof materials, and their main physical properties should meet the requirements of the material quality indicators in this code;
2, in the selection of roofing waterproof rolling materials, coating and joint sealing materials, should be selected according to the relevant content of chapter 5, Chapter 6 and Chapter 8 design points of this specification;
3. Consider the operability of environmental conditions and construction process, in the following cases, the material should be used by compatibility: waterproof material (coil, coating, similarly hereinafter) and primary treatment agent, waterproof materials and adhesives, waterproof materials and sealing materials, waterproofing materials and protective coating, two kinds of compound use waterproof material, first-line treatment and sealing materials.
4, according to the nature of the building and the use of the roof function to choose waterproof materials, in addition to should meet the specification should also meet the following requirements: exposed use of the roof, should be selected with the base of strong adhesion and uv resistance, thermal aging retention rate, acid rain resistance, excellent performance of puncture resistance waterproof materials. On the roof, should choose durable puncture, mildew rotten performance and high tensile strength waterproof material. Water storage roof, planting roof, should choose corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, excellent performance of puncture waterproof materials. Thin shell, assembly structure, steel structure and other large span building roof, should choose light weight and heat resistance, good adaptability to deformation waterproof materials. Inverted roof, should be used to adapt to good deformation ability, joint sealing and high rate of waterproof materials. Slope roofing, should choose the waterproof material with strong adhesion and small temperature sense with basic level. Roof joint sealing waterproof, should be selected with the base of strong adhesion, good low temperature resistance, and have a certain ability to adapt to displacement of sealing materials.

Post time: Jun-01-2022