What is the most indispensable technology on the space frame?

In the steel structure products, the space frame structure is not uncommon, they can be used in life, but also can be used in the construction of the building. And in both that occasion and use, we should note that this structure is not likely to lack the use of the following technologies.

First, welding technology. Although welding is relatively simple, but, it is the main technical form of connecting two metal products into one. And the welding of the space frame, is to let many of them complete the construction of the overall structure, is a kind of building or product combined with welding. Therefore, welding is an indispensable technology for steel structure building.

Secondly, stabilization techniques. The so-called stability, is to make the stable effect in a lot of using grid structure, will not loose, will not appear abnormal, no trouble etc.. The better the stabilization, the longer they last.

Therefore, the processing operation of space frame steel structure are inseparable from welding and stability technology, which is to ensure that the product is intact, but also to ensure safety and long-term use. Therefore, when processing, pay more attention to the above two technologies.

Post time: May-09-2021