Major industrial project observation meeting, OM Steel Construction gave a perfect answer

news1_2_2From December 18 to 19, the observation and comment meeting of the major industrial projects and the beautiful town "Eight one" project was held to observe the major projects around the region, and the enterprises published their work "report card".

District party committee secretary Ms. Gong Weifang, District head Gao Jianmin etc. Main leaders and heads and all relevant departments responsible person on December 18th go to Jiangsu Oumei Steel Structure & Curtain Wall Technology Co., LTD., the scene view and review, the secretary Ms. Gong Weifang pointed out in the district firmly establish a "strong industrial area" of the guidance, To create a strong atmosphere of striving for excellence and learning to catch up with others, with the attitude of decisive battle and decisive victory, to make every effort and make full use of time to ensure the successful completion of project construction and build annual target tasks.

Accompanied by Chairman Mr. Yuan Renyi, secretary of district Party Committee Ms. Gong Weifang observed the industrial projects and production technology of Oumei Steel Construction, and gave important guidance in the company's resource demand, business environment and taxation etc.

In the end, Ms. Gong Weifang stressed that enterprises should continue to strengthen learning and research, expand the depth and breadth of knowledge, improve the ability of entrepreneurship, and constantly overcome difficulties.

At the same time, as a leading enterprise Oumei Steel Construction should speed up the project conversion rate, shorten the construction period, improve the contribution of new projects, and improve the development of various sectors. We must keep a clear understanding, pressure and advance, increase work efforts, and make great efforts to keep the enterprise always in the forefront of development.

Post time: Apr-20-2021