Aluminum-magnesium-manganese plate market prospects remain very strong

Aluminum magnesium manganese color steel roofing because of the structure of the compressive strength moderate, marquis, stain resistance, easy sheet metal bending welding processing and other advantages, is widely recognized as a building planning and design use period of about 50 years flat roofing, wall raw materials; comply with the maritime climate building planning and design, can be used to resist corrosion can be stronger 5052 ship grade aluminum alloy profile raw materials.
Al-Mg-Mn aluminium alloy has a low melting point (660C). The heat resistance is weak, and it loses its compressive strength quickly at around 150 degrees. When the fire, the flat roof is easy to be burned through, so that the fire spreads outward, and not spread horizontally inward, which is conducive to firefighters to reach from the top of the fire safety tap fire; color steel tile steel has a high melting point (1515 Celsius).

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Post time: Jun-22-2022