Some problems and solutions in the construction process of steel structure engineering(1)

1, The production problem of components
The plates used for the portal steel frame are very thin, some thin to 4mm. The cutting method should be chosen to avoid flame cutting for the blanking of thin plates. Because flame cutting will cause a lot of wavy deformation of the plate edge. At present, most manufacturers of H beam steel adopt submerged arc automatic welding or semi-automatic welding. If the control is not well, deformation should occur, and component is bent or twisted.

2, Column foot installation problems
(1) Embedded parts (anchor) problem: Full or partial offset; Wrong elevation; The screw is not protected. Directly cause the steel column bottom bolt hole misalignment, resulting in the length of the screw buckle is not enough.
Measures: steel structure construction company cooperate with civil construction company to complete the embedded parts work, before pouring and tamping concrete, must check the relevant size and fixed firmly.

(2) Anchor bolt is not vertical: the levelness of the bottom plate of the frame column is poor, the anchor bolt is not vertical, and the levelness error of the embedded anchor bolt is big after foundation construction. The column is not in a straight line after installation, which makes the appearance of the house very ugly, brings errors to the steel column installation, and affects the structure force, which does not meet the requirements of the construction acceptance standards.
Measures: Anchor bolt installation should adhere to adjust the bottom plate with lower bolt to leveling firstly, and then use non-shrinkage mortar secondary filling, this method is of foreign construction. So in the anchor bolt construction, we can use steel bar or Angle steel fixed anchor bolt. Weld it into a cage, complete the support, or take some other action to prevent the anchor bolt, avoid displacement of anchor bolts when pouring foundation concrete.

(3) The anchor bolt connection problem: the anchor bolt of the column foot is not tightened,  Some anchor bolts with 2 ~ 3 screw buckles are not exposed.
Measures: bolts and nuts should be taken; Outside the anchor, fire retardant coating and heat insulation should be thickened to prevent fire from affecting the anchoring performance; The observation data of foundation settlement should be made up.

Post time: Jan-02-2021