Steel structure engineering quantity is so big, how to check quality and rest assured?

There’re 8  acceptance standards:
[1] Strictly control the construction load of the roof, floor and platform, not exceeding the bearing capacity of beams, trusses, floor and roof board. After the formation of space units, the gap between the floor of the column and the top surface of the foundation should be timely pouring of fine stone concrete, grouting, etc.
[2] The specifications of fasteners such as positioning shaft, foundation shaft, height and anchor bolt must meet the relevant design requirements. The allowable deviation of foundation support surface height is 3 mm, the allowable deviation of anchor bolt center is 5 mm, the allowable deviation of reserved hole center is 10 mm, and the allowable deviation of exposed length of anchor bolt is 0-30 mm.
[3] According to the acceptance code for steel structure engineering, the contact surface should be at least 70% of the inlet seam, and the distance between the side seams should not exceed 0.8mm.
[4] After the components enter the site, timely check the appropriate height tolerance of the vertical and horizontal bending of the steel truss and compression members, check the vertical and horizontal displacement deviation of the steel column and the verticality of the column, and also need to be within the allowable deviation value for multi-section columns.
[5] The vertical deviation of steel structure crane beam is within 1/5 of the total height of the crane, and the allowable deviation of transverse bending vector height is within 1/1500.
[6] Installation of steel structural frames requires the use of wind ropes, winches and other tools to ensure its stability. After complete installation, a series of support systems such as column supports, tie rods, and horizontal roof supports should be installed in time. If possible, roof purlins can be installed, which is for the stability of the entire steel frame.
[7] Also need to check the roof support, diagonal support, diagonal support and support sleeve connection, to see whether the wall support, diagonal support, support connection is installed, but also check the connection and number of steel column.
[8] Timely check the connection position and number of horizontal support, rigid tie rod and pillar support of the roof.


Post time: May-11-2022