The development method of fire retardant coating for ultra-thin steel structure is discussed

A preparation method of a new fire retardant coating for steel structure. The experimental results show that the ultra-thin fireproof coating is prepared by using acrylic resin as the main film forming material, melamine phosphate as dehydration carbonization agent, with appropriate amount of carbonization agent and foaming agent, and the coating thickness is 2. Under the condition of 68mm, its fire resistance can reach 96min, and the experiment shows that the content of each component of the fireproof coating has obvious influence on the performance of the coating. Most of the main load-bearing components of modern large buildings rely on strong and lightweight steel. From the development trend of the steel structure will be the main form of future large buildings, however, fireproof property of the steel structure building is far worse than brick and reinforced concrete structure, due to steel mechanical strength is a function of temperature, generally speaking, the mechanical strength of steel will decrease along with the rise of temperature, when the temperature reaches a certain value, the steel will lose bearing capacity, This temperature is defined as the critical temperature of steel.

The critical temperature of commonly used construction steel is about 540℃. In terms of building fire, the temperature of the fire is mostly 800 ~ 1200℃. Within 10 minutes of the fire, the temperature of the fire can reach more than 700℃. In such a fire temperature field, the exposed steel can rise to 500℃ and reach the critical value in a few minutes, which makes the bearing capacity failure and leads to the collapse of the building. In order to improve the fire resistance of steel structure building, from the 1970s, the research of steel structure fire retardant coating has been started abroad and achieved remarkable results. Our country also began to develop the steel structure fire retardant coating in the early 80′s, and now has made very good results.

Post time: Feb-28-2022